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Why now, and why do I care?

One of my journalism professors challenged us with this question whenever we were pitching a story and it really should be the first question you ask whenever you think about sharing a story with your stakeholders (members, the public, etc.).

Why now?

Why does this story need to be told RIGHT NOW? You have to ask yourself this question first when you're thinking about pitching a story to the media, or putting something out on your website, social channels, or to your mailing lists. If there isn't a real reason for the story right now, then it won't grab people's attention. There needs to be a sense of immediacy or timeliness to the story.

Why should I/they care?

What about this story is going to matter to the people you are hoping read it? You need to articulate WHY they should care about what you're talking about. Is there an action you want them to take after reading your story? Is a big event coming up that will determine which athletes will attend the Canadian Championships for example? Then make sure you tell people that's why it matters!

Challenge yourself to answer these questions, and then articulate your answers in your copy and I guarantee you'll have better engagement.

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