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As the Director of Communications & Marketing at Gymnastics Canada, Julie led the organization through a complete rebrand with the external design agency Dot Dot Dash.

With multiple stakeholders & disciplines, it was a complex project that brought a sense of unity and realigned priorities to the organization.

Deliverables included: a new logo, new tagline, style guide, event signage, document templates, and a brand launch video that received multiple international awards.

GymCan Photodatabase


Over the years, Gymnastics Canada had accumulated thousands of photos, but didn't have a easy way to find the photos they needed, when they needed them.

By moving all of their assets into an online photography database, organized by discipline, and then by event, and with athletes tagged, and clear captions, photos were easy to find, and also easy to share with their members, the media, and sponsors.

Photo sales were also added to the site to generate income from events hosted by the organization.

Coaching Association of Canada website screenshot


When designing the architecture of your website, it's important to understand your customer's journey. When Julie worked with an external design agency to redesign the website for the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), she knew that making information easy-to-find, intuitive, and informative was key. With vibrant imagery, clean graphics, intuitive navigation, and clear content, vistors could find the information they needed easily, and they stuck around to find out more about the organization.

Artistic Swimming Coach


Like many sport organizations, the Coaching Association of Canada at one time didn't have many high quality photos of their members in action to use for marketing or communications purposes.

Andre and Julie worked together to fix that by organizing a variety of photo shoots with sports in the Ottawa area to capture coaches in action. In a short period of time (1-3 hours per sport), Andre was able to capture hundreds of high quality images for the organization to use to help market their programs. Housed on the CAC's photo database that Julie created, the photos are regularly used by the CAC and their partners (who were also given free access).

Rosie MacLennan interview


Your athletes and coaches work hard to perform when it matters at their biggest competitions. Olympic and Paralympic sports often don't get a lot of coverage by mainstream media, but your members and fans still want to know how they've performed at these high profile events. National and international events also provide a fantastic opportunity for you to profile your sport to inspire future athletes to get involved in your sport.

At the 2019 Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships held in Tokyo, JPN for example, Julie created daily press releases, populated the Gymnastics Canada social media channels with photos, videos, and interviews with the athletes, uploaded photos to the GymCan photo database for the media to use, and helped gather content for the CBC to use for their broadcasts. Having her on-site was the only way that fans and families back home were able to hear from the athletes at the competition.

social media icons


A successful social media strategy will see your community grow across a variety of platforms, engaging your community with content that informs, inspires, and sparks conversation. Julie used her journalistic background and gift for story telling to build social media platforms almost from scratch at both the Coaching Association of Canada and Gymnastics Canada with just that sort of content. 


From Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIN, and now TikTok - social media is the easiest and least expensive way to showcase your sport to the masses, to highlight your sponsors (and gain new ones), and to engage with your community.

Ghislaine Landry interview


During Julie's career, she's overseen all aspects of creating and delivering the content for several multi-sport Games media guides, including the 2010 Commonwealth Games, 2007 Pan American Games, 2006 Olympic Winter Games, and the 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Each of those guides required her to write THOUSANDS of athlete and coach bios, as well as sport descriptions, historical stats, and more.


It’s a job she loves doing, and she would love to discuss with you how you can make sure your athletes are presented in the best way possible to the media and your fans on your website, or in media guides.


Video is king these days on social media, and is an excellent way to showcase your club, organization, athletes, coaches, etc.

Julie & Andre teamed up to create this video for the Cascades Canoe Kayak Club as part of a contest for Canoe Kayak Canada's "Coast to Coast to Coast Challenge" in 2020.

Andre captured the videos and photos, and Julie pulled it all together into the finished product.

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